On Tuesday (March 26) rapper Cardi B announced that her album. Invasion Of Privacy will be released April 6. To follow that news, she also has signed with Atlanta-based Management company Quality Control. It’s a notable move for two reasons: her fiance, Offset, is signed there alongside his group Migos. Second, QC has built a brand by making the Migos stars while rapper Lil’ Yachty a star in his own right. Rapper Lil’ Baby gained steam last year due to the label utilizing him properly. Lil’ Baby released the song “My Dawg,” in which he capitalized on the hit by releasing Too Hard in December. The release was the rappers fourth in five months, which kept his fans fed but his name circulating.

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But can QC enhance the star-power of Cardi B as it did with the Migos? The Migos stayed relevant after their initial 2013 run, but after their breakout success of “Bad & Boujee,” Quavo and Offset began to branch out on features and their own projects. It also didn’t help that Takeoff became the underdog story of music in 2017. Nevertheless, the trio became the biggest group in rap.

Cardi hasn’t had the most productive last 15 months, only because of “Bodak Yellow” “Bartier Cardi” and her feature on “Motorsport” has propelled her enough in which she didn’t have to. But, with her album soon to be dropping, that approach will only work if she’s an established enough artist. A great year for an upstart rapper happens, but great careers? Not often. Cardi is already a mainstay on blogs and social media, which has garnered her a massive following. This has more than made up for her lack of music production.


Quality Control’s job will be to continue the Cardi explosion on social media and to back it up with songs and features permeated throughout playlists and on the radio. The tactic will be a hit or miss for the rapper: either her rap skills will be a lethal combination with her soaring personality. Or, it could backfire due to possible overexposure. If QC made it work with Migos, then optimism should set in with Cardi fans.