Ever since the iconic The SimpsonsHomerpalooza’ episode 20+ years ago were Cypress Hill teamed up with the London Symphony Orchestra to perform, hip-hop fans have been waiting for the day when the cartoon collaboration becomes reality. Their exchange of tweets last year set the development wheels in motion, and it seems more likely than ever that we are edging towards a potential date.

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It now looks like this is more likely than ever, with B-Real himself confirming while on tour in Australia this week that they are currently actively speaking with the LSO about performing together Cypress Hill’s sophomore 1993 album Black Sunday, which contained the smash crossover hit “Insane In The Brain.” Black Sunday is their most successful album to date, going #1 in America and earning multiple platinum plaques throughout the world.

While a confirmed tour still appears to be in the planning stages at best, lets hope it can come to fruition in the near future and Cypress Hill can build off the traction that super group Prophets Of Rage have recently developed in their politically powerful songs and shows with B-Real, Chuck D, DJ Lord, and Tom Morello.