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Whether Christian hip-hop is your thing or not, Ty Brasel is an artist worth checking out. Brasel signed his record deal with Curb Records hip-hop division IVAV Records this past December. In that same month, he released the song “Praying Hands.” The music video currently has 140k views on YouTube and the buzz around a potential new project began to grow. With that said, Brasel has released Destined For Greatness (Side A) today (March. 30.) The seven-track offering also features “Phoenix In Exile” a standout that was released in January of this year.


Below, is a quote from Brasel on how he describes the project.

“‘Destined For Greatness’ is a concept album about Satans war for my soul. It takes you on the journey of my story, through all of the ups and downs, good and evil that life brings. It’s composed of 7 unique, yet cohesive songs that paint the picture of the constant war in my mind, and the triumph that prevails. If l had to describe this project in 3 words, it would be: vulnerable, therapeutic, & introspective. l hope you find guidance & healing in the process of listening to ‘Destined For Greatness (Side A)’.”  

If the above videos enticed you enough, click here to listen to Destined For Greatness (Side A).