College isn’t for everyone and not everyone wants to be pimped out by the NCAA.

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Darius Bazley, a projected top-10 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, has announced that he is de-committing from Syracuse in order to play in the G League.


According to Yahoo, players in the G League have base salaries of $19,500 or $26,000, and Bazley’s decision to forego the traditional route to the NBA will give the G League its first test in handling a premiere prospect.

Since the NBA D-League officially rebranded as the G League last summer in partnership with Gatorade, the NBA’s second division has positioned itself as an alternative to the typical prep-to-pro route based on a simple question: Why should a player play for minimal compensation (a college scholarship and, depending on the school, possibly a small stipend) against lesser talents in middling college basketball conferences when he can test himself against professionals?

this is not the first time an NBA draft prospect has de-committed from a University in order to play professionally. The most recent to date is point guard for the New York Knicks Emmanuel Mudiay, who instead of playing for the prestigious Larry Brown at SMU, took his talents overseas to help his family.

Bazley essentially is doing the same thing, but instead of playing in China he will be employed by one of the 26 NBA G league teams.