Travis Scott is getting sued by an entertainment events company for failing to show up at a Super Bowl concert the day after Stormi’s birth.

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PJAM claims they paid the rapper nearly $150k upfront, plus an additional $10k to his booking agent, to perform at MYTH nightclub in Minneapolis on February 3. According to filed documents, PJAM also sent a private jet for Travis to arrive at the city and spent an enormous amount of money for the show, but he backed out a couple of hours before. Two days earlier, Kylie Jenner had given birth to their first child. It’s unclear whether there is a correlation between the two events.

According to sources, the reason for Travis backing out of the event was due to “weather and logistics,” but in filed documents, PJAM says Travis “refused to show up at the event,” although he was able to make his Las Vegas performance later than night.


PJAM claims that Scott has not paid the $150,000 advance and is seeking a resolution in damages and wants the damage to the nightclub’s reputation saved. Scott has yet to comment on the matter.