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Despite what fans would like to think, there’s a lot more to some of these artists than what you see through their music.

Fabolous just keeps surprising the public as more and more details are being revealed in the alleged domestic assault charge that has been brought against him by the mother of his two sons, Love And Hip Hop star Emily B.

Exclusive video courtesy of TMZ shows a furious Fab ready to pop a cap in somebody’s ass!

Not only does he threaten Emily for bringing her father to his home while pointing a weapon, he got real cinematic, promising her pops,


“I got a bullet with your name on it!”

Fabolous’ longtime attorney Alberto Ebanks says, “This is only an argument. There certainly is no crime being committed. If what you see in the video were a crime, we’d have to build more jails.”

Emily claims that Fab knocked out her two front teeth at their home in Englewood, NJ on March 7.

This damning evidence against the BK rapper doesn’t make it any better in his domestic violence case, but even worse, this has obviously done even worse damage to his solid two decade long career.