After years of criticism, Iggy Azaelia is now ready to make her comeback into the rap game. Since the inception of her career, Iggy has had to power through harsh criticism (some of which she has brought upon herself). However, the critics won’t keep her away, as she is set to release her long awaited album Surviving The Summer. Previously, she released her single “Savior” featuring Quavo, which many people believed he did strictly for the money.

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In a recent interview with Billboard, Iggy revealed that Quavo was really one of the few people who have been there for her through her rough times. Quavo did the song because he wanted to, and not because of the money.

“He gains nothing for being on the song,” she said in an interview. “Everybody’s probably just like, ‘Oh, but she sucks,’ or Oh, he just did it for the money.’ No he hit me up and we sent music back and forth, and he wanted to do that song.” Quavo is among Kesha and Demi Lovato who stood alongside Iggy during her rough time while she revealed, “Everyone else has pretty much acted like I don’t exist.”


Now it seems Iggy won’t let the haters get her down, and will probably be appearing more for her upcoming music.