American singer The Weeknd is in a legal battle for exclusive trademark to the name of his Grammy-Award winning album, Starboy.

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According to the report by TMZ, a realtor named Eyum Talasazan filed for the “Starboy” trademark to use on his own projects, after Abel dropped the single and album in 2016. The Toronto native’s lawyers have caught on to the realtor and filed court documents against the shiesty realtor to settle the matter in court.

Just 11 days after Marvel Comics and Tesfaye’s “Starboy” comic collaboration, Talasazan attempted to copyright the name for his own comics books. Talasazan just so happens to be Marvel creator Stan Lee’s realtor, explaining the connection of the comic books.


This is not the first time Talasazan has been caught up in copyright issues. Previously, he attempted trademarks for “Straight Outta Bombton” and “Runnin’ Through The 6” to gain success off of other musicians.

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