Atlanta sensation Bali Baby is back with yet another electric visual, as she shares the chromatic love story that is “Codeine Flower.”

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Codeine Flower is track four on her recent EP, Bali Blanco, and was self-produced by Ms. Blanco herself. After assisting with production on a another track, the “Banana Clip” rapper realized she was a natural, and made it her mission to fully produce a song on her own. Then, Codeine Flower was born.

With lyrics like “I fly, you fly, we fly together” and “Codeine Flower, you make me feel like I got powers,” the track is an eclectic anecdote of romance and split personalities.


The song is a metaphor for her relationship with producer 12hunna, who has referred to Bali as his Codeine Flower. Filled with animated houses, birds and floral imagery, the video represents two different versions of Bali – one being sweet and soft, and the other being a rebellious rockstar.

Since 2017, Bali has been releasing “pop rock” bangers, and has just announced her upcoming Playgirl World Tour, which is set to begin on May 6. Peep the music video for “Codeine Flower,” directed by Corentin Leroux.