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Just case you have a relationship with your jeweler, doesn’t mean you can’t get caught out there. Drew Brees is seeking at least $9 million in damages from a San Diego jeweler after multiple pieces of jewelry were appraised for $9 million less than what he paid, according to a TMZ report.

Per TMZ, Brees said he’s been buying jewelry from the shop for years, and has dropped about $15 million on watches, earrings, and ring. After having his jewelry appraised, Brees claims he was told his collection is worth $9 million less than what he paid.

TMZ also reports that Brees alleges the biggest hit he took was on a diamond ring he bought in 2015 for $8.18 million that was valued at $3.75 million. Moradi’s attorney, Eric George, told TMZ that Brees is having “cash flow problems” and tried to bully Moradi into canceling the transactions.


 Brees recently re-signed with the Saints for a two-year deal, and is set to make $27 million in the 2018 season. If he plays the 2019 season on the same deal, that will be another $23 million to his name.

It doesn’t sound like anything illegal, just that Brees should have gotten things appraised before he bought them.