In a time where trap melodies are dominating the airwaves, Narron’s 2017 single “Mr. Nice Guy” is a breath of fresh air. The record is cathartic, angsty, and vulnerable.

His fans like to compare him with the likes of The Weeknd and Post Malone. Although these are big shoes to fill, Narron’s fans have faith that the world would fall in love with his sound. “I’ll never do you like that / How you cut ties over the phone? / You ripped my heart out my chest / You were just leading me on,” the R&B crossover artist openly confesses on the track.

He has other singles under his belt including, ”The Move,” “Don’t Do Me No More,” “Mind Over Matter,” and “How Bout You” among others. But in the track below, Narron really brought his A-game. Get in-tuned with the future R&B sensation before the masses.