The Roots drummer and music taste maker, Professor Questlove invited guest jazz and R&B songstress and one of the most dynamic voices of our time, Lalah Hathaway, daughter of the great soul singer Donny Hathaway, to slay episode 77 of QUESTLOVE SUPREME exclusively on Pandora.

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Listen in as Questo gets nervous introducing Lalah – calling her “frightening” because of the amount of love that he has for her. The Grammy Award winning singer talks about growing up in Chicago, going to a performance art school with John Cusack, opening up for Prince, how her parents met at Howard and fell in love as well as what co-host Suga Steve calls some, “quirky s**t.”

The conversation also takes a hilarious turn as Lalah talks about her obsession with the reruns of @HBO’s “Real Sex” and how she recently had a dream with Prince in it and somehow Jaden Smith made an appearance.


The podcast merges the love of music and culture that Questlove embodies into a weekly show that’s a happy medium between relevant cultural topics and nerdy NPR. Lalah’s episode was taped live at the legendary Sunset Sound Studios in Los Angeles.

Lalah’s new album, HONESTLY, is available now for streaming on Pandora.

Listen to the episode here!

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Photo credit: Josh Telles, Pandora