Fellas, it’s no secret that the ladies love to see a man with a fresh cut or shape up. If that’s not enough motivation to visit your barber on a regular basis, do it for your health.

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According to Dr. Ronald Victor of Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai, regular visits to your local barber can effectively lower risk for strokes and heart attacks. Considering black men face the highest risk in America for high blood pressure related deaths, this news is encouraging.

Dr. Victor recently conducted a study at 52 barbershops across Los Angeles. Barbers requested their black male clients, ages 35-79 have their blood checked at the shop during their visit. Astonishingly, 319 men discovered they were at risk for high blood pressure.


The men were then randomly divided into two groups. One group met with pharmacists who examined the men before prescribing medications to help regulate their pressure. Additionally, blood work and progress notes were provided to their doctors.

Meanwhile, the second group received pamphlets with tips on how to regulate their pressure while they met with barbers for their routine haircuts. Barbers also encouraged clients to seek treatment options and lifestyle changes with doctors.

154 was the average top number (systolic blood pressure) for all participants at the start of the study. Six months later, men of the first group saw their number drop by 27 points. On the other hand, men of the second group saw their number drop by nine points.

Over half the men in the first group were able to get their pressure to reach optimal levels below 130/80. Dr. Victor attributes the stark difference between groups to the convenience of pharmacists being available in barbershops and the consistency of clients returning to the barbershop.

When speaking to the value of the barbershop Victor had this to say:

“It almost has a social club feel to it, a delightful, friendly environment.”

Eric Muhammed (pictured above), owner of A New You barbershop has made the blood pressure machine a new staple in his shop.

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