Meek Mill‘s release from prison may become reality very soon.

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The Philadelphia rapper was originally sentenced to jail for violating probation. As a result, the hip-hop community went into an uproar. His supporters stemmed from political activists, athletes, and entertainers from all walks of life. Drake wore a Free Meek t-shirt during a performance late last year. The Toronto rapper also shouted Meek Mill out in his rendition of Jay-Z‘s “Family Feud.” You can recall the 2015 beef that pinned the rappers against each other after Meek’s questioning of Drake’s pen. Nonetheless, Drake understands the magnitude of injustice, despite their recent history.

As far as the legal matters, the “Ima Boss” rapper remains behind bars. According to those who have visited Meek Mill in prison, he continues to keep his spirits high and is hopeful justice will be served.


One thing that everyone has agreed on is the rapper’s unfair sentencing. Judge Genece Brinkley brought personal matters in her place of work rather than utilizing the judicial system. Her line of work affects the livelihood of people on a daily basis.

Thanks to Philly’s District Attorney Larry Krasner, Brinkley no longer has any say on Meek Mill’s case. It will now be decided by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, according to Philadelphia’s ABC 6.

The likelihood of Meek coming home has only increased, with Brinkley being off the case. Expect more news in the upcoming weeks about the MMG rapper’s freedom.