One thing about Blac Chyna is that despite her lifestyle choices she never plays with her money.

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Recently, Blac Chyna was seen swinging a pink baby stroller at Six Flags as she was held back from entering into a fight. The aftermath from this incident has led to much controversy and even a possible custody battle with Rob Kardashian. However, Blac Chyna continues to remain unaffected as one of her sponsors TUNES Audio vouches for her and continuing business.

TMZ has recently reported that the executive John Chase of TUNES Audio stated that he holds no qualms from continuing business and in fact the business is as strong as ever even after the stroller incident. Chase also revealed that Chyna has been a complete professional throughout their entire dealings and does not feel any reason to discontinue working with her. The loyalty of her TUNES Audio deal is important for Chyna as she lost another endorsement deal for a baby stroller line with Momiie who did not share the same confidence as John Chase.


However, TMZ reported that Chyna’s professionalism with Chase might even garner her an additional line of headphones marketed to children. Also Step 2, which is the brand of the stroller she is seen swinging in the video has recently shouted her out. All of this seems to point to the conclusion that no matter what happens it seems that Chyna has her money and her brand on lock.

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