Marvel Studios’ Black Panther continues to climb the charts, and has now beat Titanic as one of the highest grossing films, which had held it’s spot since 1997. Black Panther can now claim third highest grossing US film of all time. Black Panther continues to break records, and it is clear by it’s all around success that it is a sign for Hollywood to take on more compelling stories featuring people of color.

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The next Marvel film, The Avengers: Infinity War, is set to be premiered on April 27. The movie is expected to do well simply because of the appearance of the Black Panther heroes.

Gizmodo reported “Now Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther, having grossed around 661 million in its incredible box office run, has narrowly edged the ship-sinking epic out, cementing its place as the third highest grossing US theatrical release of all time.”


It has even transcended in foreign countries to change perceptions of people of color in China and even opened boxes in places like Saudi Arabia that have heavy restrictions on films that are shown. Now, the next step is for Black Panther to hit number one spot and surpass all of the movies in its place.