It’s been a year now since “No Frauds,” and it looks like Black Barbie is getting back in her bag.

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Nicki Minaj is dropping something soon, and we’re not sure what it is yet. The past two days, Nicki has tweeted and deleted cryptic messages giving fans the hint that something is coming in the next three days. On Sunday, the Queens rapper tweeted and deleted, “4” and on Monday did the same with “3” which gives the appearance of a countdown to what we hope is new music.

If this is indeed a countdown, we should find out our answer to what she’s teasing on Thursday. Albums are typically released on Fridays, so one can assume that we’ll be getting a single but for the fans sake maybe even an album roll out right behind it.


Nicki Minaj has been on a hiatus from social media while she works on her next album that she promised would be a classic. Not too long ago, Minaj returned to Instagram to promote her new BMW commercial, but there was no thought of music coming soon before Sunday’s tweet.

With the consensus being that Nicki is in fact rolling out some new music, the question remains is if it’ll be a full length album or a new single. That will remain unknown for at least the next couple days.

Nicki has been hit or miss with her more recent releases. To her credit, the rapper has killed features on Migos‘ Platinum hit song “Motorsport” and Yo Gotti‘s “Rake it Up,” but at the same time caught some heat from hip-hop fans for her less than stellar leaked verse on Tory Lanez “Shooters” and the lack of success of her “No Frauds” record that despite the Lil Wayne and Drake features didn’t chart too well dropping from No. 2 on Billboard in its debut to Number 84 two weeks later.

With the timing of Nicki’s return, hip-hop fans could say she was waiting out the storm that is Cardi B who dropped her debut album Invasion of Privacy on Friday. The album has gotten a lot of praise in recent days and only hours after its release was RIAA certified Gold.

Despite denials of beef from both parties, there is at least some level of competition between Cardi and Nicki and with what could be back to back releases from the women of hip-hop, there could be a fun debate brewing between hip-hop heads of who wears the crown.