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Master P isn’t one to back down from a fight and neither is Kobe Bryant. So when the rapper/mogul appeared on Van Lathan‘s podcast to explain an altercation between the two, it didn’t seem too far-fetched.

Master P explained to Van Lathan that things got heated between him and Kobe Bryant this one time when he was visiting the Lakers practice facility.

Their altercation didn’t quite escalate to the point of a physical exchange, though, and they have the now-retired Lakers baller star (and Kobe’s teammate) Lamar Odom to thank for that.


“I almost got into it with Kobe before at the Lakers facility,” Master P said. “Lamar Odom kind of cooled it off.”

When asked about how it got to that point, the rapper simply said, “I mean, you know how Kobe is. The Lakers’ is his facilities. That’s his place, so you know. It was just one of those things.”

While he admitted it wasn’t that serious, he said that they had a couple words. However, he insinuated that it could’ve escalated quickly. “I don’t really have many words when it gets to that.” P said.

It’s well known that Kobe is a trash talker and super competitive as well as no stranger to physical altercation. Who could forget the time former New York Knicks’ player Chris Childs gave Kobe a two-piece sandwich.