Sabrina Claudio may get disowned by the Black community for a very long time.

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The 21-year-old singer songwriter admitted to creating a Twitter account, to degrade, downplay and troll Black women. Before Claudio’s career got started, it may have suffered a huge blow. In an era where women empowerment is at its all-time high and will continue to grow, the “Unravel Me” singer fails to live by that motto.

Using her fake twitter handle, she made distasteful comments about Black women. “It must suck to be a Black girl with no booty,” said Claudio. Actress, Amanda Seales, took to Twitter to denounce Claudio and her racist remarks about our Black Queens.


Claudio rose to fame over the past year after her singles, “Unravel Me” and “Belong to You” peaked at No. 22 and No. 2 respectively on the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists chart. Claudio has yet to work with any Black women, and now has burned the bridge to even do so. She may be able to recover from this, but it is highly doubtful. She has songs with Black male artists, such as 6black and most recently, Khalid. 

Claudio released a statement of apology after her past was exposed. The tweet below is an accurate depiction of her apology.

View Claudio’s apology below.

Sabrina Claudio is Claudio is an R&B singer. R&B has always been and will always be dominated by African American artists. A number of Black female artist have paved the way for Claudio to be able to have such a platform to display her talent. It is disappointing to see a woman, with such a lack for awareness. Maybe Claudio can bounce back from this, but it will take a long time to receive support from Black women in the industry as well as fans and supporters. Until then, Claudio music is be turned away from the turntables of many DJs around the country.