Can Jim Jones’ knack for brand building make him a success in the Arena Football League?

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If someone asked, “What does Jim Jones do?” you’d have long list from Hip-Hop artist, reality television star, and music executive at labels such as Atlantic and E1 Music. Now we can add sports team owner to the roster his already impressive list of achievements. Jones caught the team owner bug last year after performing at Richmond Roughneck’s halftime show (the team would go on to win the Arena Pro Football League title at Richmond Coliseum that same day). The teams coach and co-owner Gregg Fornario is excited for the branding opportunities that comes with collaborating with Jones as a co-owner. So what’s Jim Jones’ first order of business. Recruit the Muhammad Ali of our generation, Colin Kaepernick.


In an interview with ABC 8 News after his press conference in Richmond, Virginia the “We Fly High” rapper doubled down that Kaepernick is his first marketing strategy to build up the team. In Jones’ words:

“He can come here and keep his skills sharp, set some records… Help put this team on the map.”

Kaepernick is still being shunned by the NFL, so this could be a welcome home for the embattled professional football player that has used his time off to build up the Black community and give back. Jones’ recently took a page out of Kaepernick’s book and threw his album release party for Wasted Talent at a homeless shelter. The project pay’s tribute to the 90’s classic Hip-Hop film, New Jack City.

Jim Jones does have a knack of turning whatever he touches into gold, so sports is probably the next logical step for one of the core members of Dipset. We also can’t be mad at another Black man stepping into ownership of a sports league reguardless if its the NFL or the Arena Football League.

“We have a big platform when it comes to hip-hop, and hip-hop is the leading moneymaker in media today” said Jones.

Recognizing the brand power of Hip-Hop to generate profits in the sports sector just makes cents, and dollars. Other companies such as Sprite, Gatorade, and Nike have long used hip hop to reach target demographics to major success. So this is a welcome addition seeing one of hip hop’s brightest minds poised to profit off of this winning strategy. Jay-Z and Usher made history investing into the New Jersey Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers, respectively. So we eagerly await what Jim can do. Jones we wish you the best and a winning season at the helm of the Richmond Roughriders.