Earlier this week, Sabrina Claudio was exposed as being the owner of a Twitter account that was responsible for tweeting posts that were derogatory toward women of color. Her past was confirmed after people on Twitter found evidence that she was in fact the individual responsible for the account that she made in 2012 before she established her career. Initially, Sabrina Claudio was slow to respond to the allegations, but then she eventually put out a short apology on her official Twitter account, and then deleted her old account.

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However, critics were not too accepting of her apology, so she then took to Instagram to provide a longer apology about the situation.

“I’m sorry for not saying something sooner. I am sorry for the short, straight to the point apology I posted on Twitter,” she wrote. “I’ve made many mistakes in my life. Many that have happened when I was young, lost and did not know who I was as an individual. Ones that have no excuse. Time doesn’t matter, whether it was six years ago or two minutes ago. It was still wrong. The words used then are not who I was or who I am today.”


She then further detailed her contempt for discrimination and the tearing down of other women and applied that the music she now creates contrasts with the tearing down of other women.

“Yes , I made ignorant comments that I regret. But to make this clear, I never had an account dedicated to taking down women. It breaks my heart knowing that this rumor has been created and is being spread out….Discrimination in any form no matter who it is directed to is not acceptable… My music is dedicated to empowering women… empowering all people for that matter; It’s what I represent. It’s what I’m proud of most. I’m so different than what I’m bring painted out to be. But it’s my fault you all feel the way you do. I am willing to prove to you who I really am.” Time will tell how Sabrina will move forward following this incident.