In the city of Brotherly Love two comedians have ended their 4 month long feud at the Philadelphia 76ers playoff game against the Miami Heat. Michael Blackson and Kevin Hart, both Philly natives, called a truce as both attended Monday night’s game in their hometown.

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Fans of either comedian might remember their ongoing beef after Michael Blackson repeatedly made fun of Kevin Hart following a cheating scandal that brought a lot of negative attention to the ‘Laugh at my pain’ comedian who’s wife at the time was pregnant with Kevin’s third child.

Despite the regretful Kevin Hart who released an apology video before the first photos of his infidelity were released, Blackson paid his friend’s feelings no mind and started with the jokes.


While Michael Blackson chalked it up to simply being a comedian and doing his job, Kev didn’t appreciate Mike’s angle, and even compared the African comedian to an Instagram model looking for “likes.” Kevin didn’t do much responding after that statement on The Breakfast Club, but Michael Blackson continuously trolled Kevin on social media even (jokingly) threatening to fight Kevin Hart next time he saw him.

Despite the months of jokes, the two linked up at the Sixers game Monday night to squash any issues they had. Michael Blackson’s girlfriend, Georgia Reign, posted a photo of the two at the game on Instagram.

“BOTH KINGS are welcomed in Wakanda, They’re good,” Georgia in part captioned the photo.

For what it’s worth, during their feud, Kevin Hart in his Breakfast Club interview said he would pay for a Michael Blackson stand-up comedy special. With the two long time friends back on good terms, it should be interesting to see if this actually comes into fruition in the near future.

On the sports front, there is a possibility of the two linking up again for at least one more Sixers game at the Wells Fargo arena as the 76ers lost to the Heat 113-103 splitting the series at one game a piece. This guarantees a Game 5 at home for the Sixers who are also awaiting the return of their star big man, Joel Embiid, who is out with an orbital fracture.