After a stellar, nearly two-hour set at Coachella this past weekend, Beyoncé is back to work on a new sportswear collection for her brand IVY PARK.

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To help show off some of the pieces from the set, King Bey joined with the young ladies of Figure Skating in Harlem (FSH), who together supply a grace that’s “strong beyond measure” —  the motto for IVY PARK this time around.


Debuting for the spring 2018 season, the collection comes draped in an assortment of colors, showcased in the video below with confidence, laughs and smiles as the girls of FSH elegantly chassé like swans on calm waters.

Here’s how one talented skater describes the powerful feelings evoked by skating:

When I skate — I don’t know, something inside of me just, like, lights a fire. My soul just starts burning…and I just express what I feel.”

Open to girls ages 6 to 18 residing in Harlem and the lower Bronx , FSH requires that the girls commit to academic excellence in addition to 15 hours a week on the ice. Those with B and C averages are also provided homework help and tutoring.

The organization’s founder Sharon Cohen is overjoyed to partner with Queen Bey and IVY PARK, stating, “Beyoncé is a fierce, authentically powerful woman of color. She inspires young women and girls globally who look just like her to do the exact same—to be fearless, free, and proud of themselves.” 

Check out the video below to see the new IVY PARK Spring 2018 collection in motion: