Funkmaster Flex turned up on Instagram Live on Monday to talk about Hip-Hop’s top female rappers. The legendary DJ also wanted to address his frustration with rappers hiring ghostwriters.

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Cardi B and Nicki Minaj were the focus of most of the conversation with Remy Ma and Lil Kim also being mentioned at points during the roughly twenty minute live stream.

“I don’t put Cardi B in the category of all the other rappers,” Flex said from the Hot 97 studio. “I think she’s an entertainer.” Funk Flex also admits that he thinks Cardi’s album is good, but he still puts Nicki Minaj over the reality tv star turned rapper.

“With a ghostwriter she’s not touching Nicki. So, what is she touching without a ghostwriter,” Flex asked.

Following the release of Cardi B’s single “Be Careful” a video was found on Twitter of fellow New York rapper Pardison Fontaine spitting his own version of the track which generated theories that the “Bodak Yellow” rapper had a ghostwriter — something that Flex repeatedly says he hates during his live stream.


“The lyrics are so simple for Cardi B’s songs, to know that you didn’t even write that…” Flex said breaking out in laughter before he could finish the thought. “Cardi’s consistently getting someone else to write her s–t.”

Flex’s rant comes after debates on social media of who is the better artist between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. Cardi B’s very successful Invasion of Privacy album was out for about a week before Nicki dropped two new tracks, “Barbie Tingz” and “Chun-Li” which helped get the conversation started. As the debate wages on, many on social media including Flex have acknowledged that it is possible to support both artists.

When asked where Flex places Lil Kim in regard to Nicki Minaj, the DJ could not answer because Lil Kim “touches a place in my heart” as far as the era the Brooklyn rapper came from. However, Flex didn’t bite his tongue when it came to Remy Ma who Flex believes “washed” Nicki Minaj with “SHEther.”