It’s been two years since fans have seen Paula Patton grace the big screen, but that all changed with the release of her latest film, Traffik, which landed in theaters today.

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While making press rounds across promote the film, Patton stopped by Larry King’s Los Angeles-based studio for a guest appearance on the host’s on-demand series, Larry King Now. There, the two gabbed about life, discussing love, relationships, divorce, family and what it takes to be your own stunt man on set. Not one to play coy, Paula was more than willing to give King and her fans some insight into her 10-year marriage to Robin Thicke, and didn’t hold back when it came to sharing some of her guilty pleasures and the best piece of advice she ever received.

So if you thought you knew everything about Paula Patton, think again. Her answers to Larry King’s questions are sure to surprise you and probably make you laugh.


When you’re done learning about what makes Paula’s mind tick, be sure to check out her new flick starring herself, Omar Epps, Laz Alonzo and Roselyn Sanchez.

1. Paula co-wrote songs with Robin Thicke under the pseudonym Max Haddington, and says it’s not difficult for her to hear new songs written about her by her ex-husband.

2. Soon-to-be royal princess Meghan Markle designed Paula Patton and Robin Thicke’s wedding invitations.

3. If the Los Angeles-bred starlet was able to trade places with anyone for a day, she would choose her son so she can know what it feels like to be a kid again.

4. She made peace with Robin Thicke and their divorce for the sake of their son.

5. Paula Patton performed most of her own stunts during the filming of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – without a harness attached!