Adrien Broner has been doing a lot of talking all week. In the ring, the action started late for Broner and it ended with a majority draw in his fight with Jessie Vargas.

After 12 inspiring (but inconclusive) rounds of action, neither boxer’s hand was raised in victory.

Broner wasted no time in voicing his outrage. He tried to steal the mic from Showtime’s Jim Gray. When Vargas attempted to be the voice of reason, Broner quickly brought things to a distasteful place by dragging race and ethnicity into the conversation.

“Let’s go to my town,” Broner said in reference to the crowd. “I want to fight him where I’m from. These hella Mexicans in here booing me and s***.”

Judge Julie Lederman scored the fight 115-113 for Broner, and Eric Marlinski and Kevin Morgan had it 114-114.

According to the scorecards, Lederman and Marlinski had Broner winning 105-104 heading into the 12th round, while Morgan had Vargas ahead, 105-05. Lederman and Morgan scored the 12th for Broner, 10-9, while Marlinski had Vargas winning the round, 10-9.

It was a tale of two fights — one with Vargas taking it to Broner in the first half with his jab, body punching and relentless punching in general. But Broner came back strong in the second half of the fight.

Both men said they are interested in a rematch. Saturday’s fight provided the kind of action that would make another meeting a no-brainer.

“I gave the fans here in Brooklyn a show and I’d love to come back and do it again. We can run it back,” Vargas said. “We went at it for 12 rounds. We can do it again. I’m ready to fight right now.”