When you’re one of Kanye West‘s most trusted homies (see: Virgil Abloh), it’s not surprising that your style might steer towards more eclectic tastes. For fashion designer Heron Preston , that choice comes in the form of a fully see-through raincoat.

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A piece that will have you stuntin’ regardless of the weather, Heron’s new PVC transparent raincoat is a bold statement with minimal detailing. The only real design here is a Heron Preston namesake print on the back, in addition to a heron bird eating a fish. Art heads may recognize this print as the “Great White Heron Bird” artwork by John James Audubon ; streetwear fiends will recognize it as Heron’s running theme that we previously saw throughout his inaugural “For you, the World” collection.

Feeling fly enough to rock this? Pick up the Heron Preston PVC Raincoat right now at select stockists, including Nubian out of Japan.