Renowned LA is all about the “American Dream” — a theme incorporated into the brand’s DNA since founder John Dean dropped its inaugural collection back in 2012. Now, with a refined look and a host of celebrity clients, the brand is heading full speed ahead towards the light for spring 2018.

Titled “TRAPPED”, the new Renowned offerings come as a selection of tees, hoodies and joggers, including a standout pair that R&B singer Chris Brown has already got his hands on. The ongoing theme throughout is “Paradise”, a motif that plays on the brand’s overall ethos of enlightenment, and is rounded out by a campaign video (seen above) that features Korean MC Dok2 & Fear of God model Geron McKinley.

The new “TRAPPED” collection by Renowned LA for spring 2018 is available now online, so check out the lookbook below to see what they’ve got to offer: