Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking has officially been apprehended 34 hours after he went on a shooting rampage that left four victims dead and four others wounded.

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SWAT, FBI and local authorities engaged in a manhunt throughout Nashville, TN surrounding areas, but had “no confirmed sightings” of him more than half-an-hour before his apprehension. In fact, it’s reported that officials didn’t even know if he was still in the area.

The New York Times reports approximately 160 members of law enforcement were involved in Reinking’s capture, which took place in a “wooded area near the apartment complex where he lived after receiving a trip from a member of the public. Reinking was taken in while carrying a backpack the contained a hunger, ammunition and a holster.


While the 29-year-old who shot multiple rounds from his AR-15 was on the run, Tennessee resident James Shaw was at a nearby hospital being treated for a gunshot wound after he wrestled Reinking’s gun out of his hands and threw it on the ground.

Shaw suffered a scrape when a bullet grazed his arm, and burn marks on his hand when he grabbed the barrel of an AR-15 that fateful Sunday morning. In a statement to News Channel 5, Shaw says his only regret is that he couldn’t save more people.

Whether he’ll humbly admit it or not, Shaw’s heroic actions prevented many more from losing their lives yesterday.

Originally hiding in the bathroom when a semi-nude Reinking entered the Waffle House, Shaw crept into action when he heard the bullets stop for a moment.

According to the Washington Post, the same AR-15 used by Reinking was one of four guns authorities seized months ago when the suspect was arrested trying to breach a barrier near the White House months ago.

Reports state that the 29-year-old shooter has had a long history of mental instability, which, in turn, has caused him to have multiple run-ins with the law including grand theft auto in 2016. Although authorities are still unsure as to why he walked into the eatery and opened fire, his presence caused part of the city to go into lockdown mode — including schools who cited an unstable person was on the loose.