The past few years haven’t been so pleasant on American Apparel.

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Once a retail stalwart that housed everything you could possibly want in a clothing brand — hoodies, crewnecks, metallic bodysuits, half-nekkid beauties in billboard ads across the Lower East Side – the company has since experienced a downward decline that’s almost unbelievable.

A lot of that was due to the trash CEO, Dov Charney, who was accused of multiple accusations of harassment and sexual abuse (these scathing exposés from The Guardian and The New Yorker pretty much cover it). However, even after firing him in 2015, AA still suffered enough critical and financial damage that eventually led to the closing of every brick-and-mortar in the U.S.


This is a new era for American Apparel though, and the brand focus this time around is way more positive.

Relaunching with the “Back To Basics” campaign, American Apparel puts the focus on their essential pieces from the past: color-blocked T-shirts, unisex gear, swimwear, and athleisure favorites all make a welcomed return. While some looks in the new advertisement still play to a suggestive nature, the imagery overall centers around more “body positivity, inclusiveness and diversity than ever before”. Time will tell what’s in store for the new American Apparel, but we believe everyone (and every brand) deserves a second chance.

The newly-relaunch American Apparel collection is available now exclusively on the brand’s web store. Check out the full lookbook below:

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