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To describe the new Avengers: Infinity War movie as “anticipated” is an extreme understatement; this is quite possibly the movie – no, the event! – of the year. With tickets available now and battle lines drawn, 2018 has been an epic year for Marvel Studios.  We were already captivated earlier this year by Black Panther, watching King T’Challa and the Dora Milaje army fight for Wakanda. Now, a decades’ worth of action is culminating in a must-see cinematic experience.

Black Panther’s loyal army will now join forces with the Avengers to save the Universe. Before the blasting and spear-throwing begins though, we already know there are some people who are still clueless about war.


Let’s take a moment to tell you what you need to know before taking a seat in theaters:


Thanos and The Black Order (Children of Thanos) seek to conquer Earth. To do so, they must find all six Infinity Stones. The Avengers, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and an assortment of other Marvel heroes are the only ones powerful enough stop Thanos’ conquest.


It’s impossible to miss his big purple head, or his rippled chin, but think of him as the ugly duckling of the family who’s outcasted state has filled his heart with rage. Born to two Eternals (evolutionary humans), his father basically abandoned the family and his mother once tried to kill him because she was ashamed of his looks. Hence, he finds solitude in destruction.


There are six stones: Mind, Space, Power, Reality, Time and Soul. All of these stones — except the Soul Stone, as seen above — have appeared in previous Marvel films throughout the years. The Mind Stone offers mind control, energy, telekinesis, telepathy and astral projection; the Space Stone offers the ability to travel across space with ease; the Power Stone enhances the abilities of the other Stones and also duplicates immortal abilities; with the Reality Stone, one can manipulate reality with no one else being able to detect a change or foresee it; and  the Time Stone alters time at the discretion of the wearer. When it comes to the Soul Stone, the possessor has the ability to absorb souls as well as knowledge from the souls.


We won’t tell you who dies, but keep this in mind: where there is war, death is close behind.


Beginning with Iron Man in 2008 and riding all the way up the recent release of Black Panther earlier this year, this has been a moment in cinematic history that’s been developing for an entire decade. Trust us though, your patience is 1000% worth the final result currently in theaters right now.

Now you have what you need know so you won’t feel lost when you take your seat. Go see Avengers: Infinity War right now, currently screening in theaters across the globe.