Chance The Rapper was in for a world of trouble Wednesday (Apr. 25) when he opted to defend Kanye West’s recent Twitter antics.

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After a long separation, ‘Ye recently returned to Twitter, and even more recently began a multi-tweet rant that screamed its support for Donald Trump. Understandably, many in the Black community were shocked and even outraged at Kanye’s very public endorsement of the current GOP leader – especially since he called out George W. Bush for “not liking Black people” in 2006.

Yeezy didn’t seemed phased by the social media mob, but Chance wasn’t going to watch his Chi-town mentor get attacked. So he spoke up. Unfortunately, things didn’t go his way.


He posted a tweet that read, “Black people don’t have to be democrats.” Donald Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., congratulated Chano for his tweet, assuming he was siding with their conservatism. “Thank you also to Chance and Dr. Darnell Scott, they really get it (lowest Black & unemployment in history),” Trump tweeted early Friday morning.

After being heavily criticized for his comments, Chano’s since taken to Twitter to issue an apology.

“Anyone who knows me know how passionate I am about my city and my loved ones,” said Chance. “Kanye West is not just a mentor or big homie to me. He’s my family. No matter how much I may disagree with him, it’s hard for me to watch people talk about someone I love—even if they were justified in doing so. I didn’t speak up because I agree with what Kanye had to say or cause I fuck with trump, I did it because I wanted to help my friend and cause I felt like I was being used to attack him.”

He continued by saying, “Unfortunately, my attempt to support Kanye is being sued to discredit my brothers and sisters in the movement and I can’t sit by and let that happen either.”

He then ripped Trump into shreds because he’s  “making a career out of hatred, racism, and discrimination,” Chance wrote in a three-page apology. “I’d never support someone who’d talk about Chicago as if it’s hell on earth and then take steps used to discredit my brothers and sisters in the movement and I can’t sit by and let that happen either.”

Take a look at Chano’s tweets below.