This morning, John Legend called into Ebro in the Morning to address Kanye West and give his thoughts the rapper and friend leaking his text message without permission, along with his recent comments on Twitter as he aligns himself alongside President Donald Trump on Hot 97.

When Ebro asked how he felt about his friend Yeezy leaking it text, he replied, “I was shocked when it happened. Then I was like well I’m proud of what I said. It can’t be that bad. At least I didn’t say anything I didn’t want other people to know that I thought. I felt like I’m not mad that people saw it because at least they know where i’m coming from. I didn’t actually mind it when I thought about it for a second, but I was shocked when it first happened.”

When discussing Kanye’s fascination with politics and his unpopular support of President Trump, the Grammy Award winning singer said matter of factly, “It’s not a game. This is people’s real life. And if you’re operating from love, and you’re operating from empathy,a nd you’re looking at what this man [Trump] is actually doing, and trying to do…I don’t see how you align yourself with that and say you’re operating yourself from love.”