The media world is currently fragmented among the different platforms. To make a sizable impact, media companies to make an impact have to be involved on all of them due to the niche audiences that they can potentially have. Jessica Lanice Chalmers, who started her own company, Tha L. Spot Productions, LLC, has managed to find her way through this new media environment and continues to make her mark through her an independent media company.

The Source: What is Tha L Spot exactly? It seems to be a magazine, production company, and a television show? 

Empress Lanice: Tha L. Spot Productions LLC is a multimedia, tv/film, and event production company. It includes Tha L. Spot Show, Tha L. Spot Magazine, and our bi-annual concert series.

The Source: How does Tha L Spot show differ from all the other shows out now hosted by millennials? 

Empress Lanice: Tha L. Spot Show differs from other shows because we educate, entertain, and give you a different point of view on various topics that we discuss. Also, we introduce you to entertainers, business owners, and tastemakers that you may not know. We don’t go for the popularity.

The Source: Why the name Tha L Spot? 

Empress Lanice: The name “Tha L. Spot” came about because of the original concept I had for it when it was just a blog. The “L” represents my middle name “Lanice.” The original concept was supposed to be: I’m taking you to my spot, the places I go and the people I meet.

The Source: When did production for the show start? 

Empress Lanice: We shot our pilot for Tha L. Spot Show in 2016. Then, in 2017, we launched the first season which was co-hosted & produced by myself and Camille Jay. For Season 2, I took myself out and added two new hosts, Angela Yvonne and Jameer Pond alongside Camille Jay.

The Source: What are some of your most memorable interviews and/or topics discussed on the show? 

I would say all of them because every episode from Season 1 and Season 2 I learned something new whether if it’s from things to do in my personal life and business to learning things about our guest that I didn’t know.

The Source: Who are your co-hosts on the show? 

Empress Lanice: For Season 2, I am behind the scenes now, but my hosts are Camille Jay, Angela Yvonne, and Jameer Pond. Every other season of Tha L. Spot Show, I will be changing the hosts.

The Source: Where can people watch the show or get the magazine? 

Empress Lanice: Everything is on our website

The Source: You hold many titles as a publicist, journalist, producer, and TV host. How do you manage to balance all those responsibilities? 

Empress Lanice: When I first started my career as a publicist and journalist, they both came hand in hand. If I met someone who was looking for a publicist, I would introduce them to my website and other outlets I used to write for at the time. And, if someone came to me to be featured on my website, I would let them know I was a publicist and can help them get more placements outside of the ones I wrote for. Producer is my newest title and even when I was a TV host for Season 1, I just made it work. It did become overwhelming at one point, but these are all things that I am passionate about, so I had to figure out how to manage my time better without it feeling overwhelming.

The Source: Does your duty as a journalist ever clash with your duties as a publicist? 

Empress Lanice: Yes, at times it does. Sometimes when I’m interviewing someone, and they say something crazy I get into publicist mode like you shouldn’t be saying this but then I remind myself that I am in journalist mode. But, it helps with me being knowledgeable of both sides because I can warn my clients of how to handle certain situations or questions asked by journalists.

The Source: How do people get in contact with you if they want to be guests on the show or inquire about your PR services? 

Empress Lanice: If people want to be a guest for Tha L. Spot Show or be featured in Tha L. Spot Magazine, they can email with a press kit, or bio, links, and information on what they want to share with our audience. For public relations services, I have a new company called “Empress Lanice Public Relations Agency LLC”. People who are interested in my services can visit my website and fill out the form in the contact section.

The Source: What are your future plans for your brand as you continue down this path? 

Empress Lanice: My future plans for Tha L. Spot Productions, LLC is to continue to produce content. There will be more shows outside of Tha L. Spot Show,  events, and possibly more magazines. I rebranded the company to be a place that will always produce content. For Empress Lanice Public Relations Agency LLC, my goal is to have more publicists on board so that it’s not just me.

The Source: You were recently featured by the Caribbean Life newspaper. How was that experience being recognized by the Caribbean community? 

Empress Lanice: Yes, it was a great experience! I truly appreciate being recognized by the Caribbean community.

The Source: Any last words for the readers of The Source?  

Empress Lanice: Yes, with all the titles I have I want to encourage others that there is no limit to what you can do. I have ventured into songwriting. This year in February I released my first song called “Watch Me Work,” which is also the theme song for Tha L. Spot Show. A good friend of mine and singer, Islima Songbird sang on the song and former client, good friend, and rapper Cameron Jay is featured on it. The song is produced by The Catalyst. It’s available on all music streaming and download websites. You can find the links on my website

Photo Credit: Omar “DaJeaniusCEO” Thomas