Its kind of a surprise that the 1990s boy band NSYNC have not received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame but that all changed today. The group, who last reunited at the 2013 VMAs, was inducted by Ellen DeGeneres and Carson Daly in front of thousands of fans who showed up to the event.

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Some moments included Justin Timberlake, who recently performed at the Super Bowl halftime show where fans hoped the group would reunited once more, took time to thank all the member’s mothers. “You guys are the best fans in the world”, Timberlake added, “First off, I’m gonna sound like a broken record, but for all of you who came from far and wide to be here to share this moment with us, thank you so much … These four guys mean so much to me and we’re really a family.” Lance Bass spoke about fans helping him come out as a homosexual man. The group also took the time to joke about tomorrow’s date and a popular meme stating, “Its gonna be May!”