Daz Dillinger came out of hiding to upload a video, putting gang members on alert for Kanye West.

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This ridiculous command comes after Ye expresses his love for his “brother” President Donald Trump. Dillinger says Kanye is essentially saying, “I’m with you mastah Trump. Burn all these n***ers.”

He went on to compare the situation to Django Unchained before flat out sicking the crips on the Chicago rapper.


After his video went viral, Daz reposted the TMZ article with the caption “FREEDOM OF SPEECH F*C KANYE THIS CRIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP THE REVOLUTION IS ON NOW.” Ray J commented under the post saying, “u krazy kuzin!!! let me know what we doin!!”

Ray J’s message is unclear. Is he crip now or is he down with the revolution? Stay tuned for any updates on this story. Check out Daz’s threatening message below: