Clueless star Stacey Dash has weighed in on the criticism that Kanye West has been receiving following his support of President Donald Trump.

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The 51-year-old actress expressed her opinions in an essay that she posted to her blog, American News Hub.

She began the essay by naming the Democratic Party as a “hate group” and that they tell Black people to “shut up”.


“There is nothing more racist than telling someone what to believe based on the color of their skin. Hate groups organize their entire existence based on this principle. And the Democratic Party has been a hate group for a very long time, from the origins of the Democrat-run Ku Klux Klan to this very day, when they still tell Black people what to believe and shut up those who believe.”

Eventually, she goes on to praise Kanye West for not backing down on his political views.

“Good for Kanye West for standing up to these people. They don’t deserve a blank check, and the days of us writing to them one during each election year are coming to a close. We are not victims or unworthy of our opinions. We are individuals.”

“I am no one’s victim, and I will never be. I am off the plantation. I’m glad to see Kanye West stand up for himself.”

“So here’s the question: who’s the real “Uncle Tom?”.

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