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Comedian Katt Williams is a small guy, but will apparently use anything to go upside someone’s head, which will soon have him in a Georgia courtroom.

Williams is accused of hitting a restaurant employee in the face with a salt shaker at Spondivits Restaurant in Georgia on April 27, 2016 when he felt as though he and his entourage were not receiving proper service.

Kevin Oliveira, an employee at Spondivits, says that the pint-sized funny man beame impatient when told that he and his crew had to wait for a seat. Soonafter, Oliveira alleges that Williams hurled a salt shaker at his face, hitting him in the mouth.


The Spondivits employee was rushed to the hospital where he received 10 stitches.

The is one of several assault cases against Williams, with the most recent accusation in February form his former assistant, who claims he slapped her and knocked her unconscious.’

She is suing the comedian for $1 million.