Gigi Hadid is under fire again for trying to appropriate the culture.

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She unveiled a “sneak peak” of her latest cover for Vogue Italia on Instagram, and she probably shouldn’t have. You almost can’t recognize that it’s Gigi. Her hair and face were done in a way to appear significantly darker. This is what the model actually looks like below, compared to the featured image above.

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You already know her comments started going crazy immediately after uploading the cover. Many people called out the magazine for doing this back in 2015 when they made Gigi’s complexion significantly darker, and put an afro-style wig on her head.

Gigi Hadid is Accused of Doing Blackface in Recent Magazine Cover

Many people even suggested for the magazine to actually hire a Black model to get the job. But this will most likely be retracted with an apology, hit newsstands on Friday, and be done again.