Meek Mill made an emotional confession while addressing state-wide criminal justice reform in Pennsylvania. He used to be addicted to opioids, but was afraid to tell his probation officer at the time.

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The Philly rapper sat down with  Tom Wolf and other state leaders to discuss the changes in Philadelphia’s criminal justice system that needs to be made. Meek credits his P.O. for getting him into rehab.

The moral of the story is, people on papers may be afraid to seek help with their drug problems because they don’t want to be incarcerated again.


He also went on to address that Black males can get locked up and sentenced to time in jail for simply being in contact with cops. He used the two men arrested in Starbucks as an example. They could’ve been sentenced to 2-4 years in prison just like Meek was just for having a run-in with the police.

Wolf and co. are proposing legislation that will allegedly fix these issues and many others that pertain to the rapper’s case.

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