When Beyonce announced to the world she would prepare for Coachella this year by going on a 22-day vegan diet, the topic rose again in the urban community,  “What’s wrong with eating meat?”

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It’s almost been a year since I embarked on the decision to stop eating meat and change my diet. Following the rise in food documentaries and graphic slaughterhouse videos all over social media, I was finally ready to do some research of my own. Shocked by what was revealed I realized most of our food habits were passed down to us from relatives who weren’t always informed about the dark side of the food industry.

I knew what I would learn would shock me. I avoided the topic  for years by quickly closing PETA videos, and dismissing my vegan friends because of the notion that ‘everything is gonna kill us anyway’‘we were born to eat meat’ —or simply because I loved the taste.  But it was the death of my 38-year old cousin Sharon Jackson that encouraged me to find out why so many minorities were being treated for diseases caused by….food.


In the new Power 30 issue #273 of the Source Magazine, I decided to explore the ‘Power of Food’.  I revisited Dr. Sebi and his Alkaline Diet introduced to many by Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez and learned how his diet has cured mucus-causing diseases. I also reveal the many ways the FDA and medical field make money from our food choices.

Like many other foodies and people who find comfort in food, I was once given the moniker ‘Food Guru’ because I took pride in exploring culinary experiences around the world.  Now I wondered what would I actually enjoy considering vegetarian and vegan diets had a bad reputation of being boring and bland.  I started exploring new spices and vegetables and followed various vegan soul food pages for recipes full of flavor.  Surprising enough, I started to fall in love with food all over again!

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Check out some of my favorite vegan/alkaline Instagram profiles and try some of their recipes for yourself

Eggplant Stacks w/Spinach & Cashew Cheez Sauce


Chickpea Fritter Burgers at @Eatdrinkvegan this May 26th at the Rose Bowl  #DrSebiApproved fritters–Come by and say hi and grab some of our amazing food!


Deep dish blueberry bean pie

Vegan Seitan Satay with homemade peanut (free) sauce!


Stuffed Avocado


All vegan NYC buffet