On this day in NBA history, Michael Jordan hit the Cleveland Cavaliers with something that would go down in NBA archives as The Shot.

The Bulls faced off against the Cleveland Cavaliers during the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals Finals series in Richfield, O.H. The series was tied at 2-2, and back then, the first round was a best-of-five series. Cavaliers guard Craig Ehlo gave his squad the lead 100-99 with 3.0 seconds left during Game 5. But that was just enough time for Jordan to create space over Ehlo to hit the iconic foul-line jumper at the buzzer. Jordan finished the game with 44 points on 17-for-32 shooting.


The Bulls went on to reach the Eastern Conference Finals, where they were eliminated by the eventual NBA champions — the Detroit Pistons — in Game 6.

During the 1989 playoffs, Jordan averaged 34.8 points, 7.6 assists, 7.0 rebounds and 2.5 steals in 17 games.

The way the Jordan Bulls use to torment the Cavaliers, many suggest the NBA Gods sent LeBron James to Cleveland as a gift for all its suffering.