Last week, Will Smith took to Instagram to introduce his wife,  Jada Pinkett-Smith, to his Instagram family by announcing her initiation to the social media site. As Jada made herself at home via Instagram, she announced the debut of Red Table Talk, a project documenting the journey towards healing and a need for more authenticity and by sharing life without filters and lots of transparency featuring three generations of women — Jada’s mother, Adrienne Banfield Norris, and Will and Jada’s daughter, Willow Camille Smith.

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On May 7, the first episode of Red Table Talk premiered on Facebook Watch. Each episode revolves around a “red hot topic” and the first episode’s topic centered around “motherhood and everything that comes with it.”

In a very transparent debut,  Jada sat down with her first guest appearance which happened to be Will Smith’s first wife, Sheree Zampino. In a very intimate one-on-one that was recorded and replayed in front of Adrienne and Willow, Sheree and Jada shared heartfelt tears, regrets,  and words that had never been spoken between the two of them in regards to their innermost thoughts and feelings about their co-parenting situation.


Jada Pinkett-Smith admitted to not understanding marriage or divorce and that if she had she would have approached the blended family situation a lot differently in the beginning. Sheree even admitted to being heartbroken when her son confessed to loving Jada Pinkett-Smith after meeting her for the first time.

Jada Pinkett-Smith stated:

“I would say she [Sheree] has really been one of the main people in life that has forced me to expand beyond anything that I imagined and I’m so grateful!”

The trio went on to discuss Jada and her mom’s relationship, as well as inquiring about Willow Smith’s thoughts on being a mother in addition to her own upbringing and first hand experience as apart of a blended family.

You can watch the Red Table Talk every Monday on Facebook Watch and tune in to Jada’s Facebook Live every Wednesday to engage in the process of growth from the particular week’s previous episode.