It is no longer a mystery as to whether Cardi B is having a little prince or a little princess.

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In a recent story with the New York Times Style, readers were taken into an intimate scope into Cardi B‘s prep game for the 2018 Met Gala with her signature Moschino designed 30-pound bejeweled ensemble in which the designer Jeremy Scott describes as “very inspired by Vatican tapestries — the whole, kind of, embroidery of deities.” When the hand made beading on the hip-hop diva’s stellar dress came into question, she expressed how heavy it was and also expressed how the 3 and a half pound bundle of joy in her tummy is also pretty heavy, labeling the blessing as a “she.” Cardi B is seven months pregnant with a baby girl.

“Extremely heavy,” Cardi details her fit. “The beading is just crazy, and then shorty weighs three and a half pounds.” The “Bodak Yellow” rapper continued on, “She do weigh three and a half pounds. That’s pretty good for seven months, right?”


The Bronx native remains to be as genuine as she can be. Amid her Met Gala prep, she expressed a bit of discernment about her fiancé, Offset of Migos coming into this year’s Met Gala. She revealed she would have preferred for him to be by her side, for the sake of standing out from the rest. According to Cardi, this is a goal Offset has had in mind for sometime because and she found no justice in him heading to the festal with his bandmates Quavo and Takeoff, who all wore matching Versace suits, in lieu of being prime party guests of the exquisite brand’s chief designer Donatella Versace who owned a pretty lengthy guest list including Kim Kardashian, Kate Perry, and Tom Brady.

“It’s like, if y’all got so much people going with y’all, y’all could have just let him walk with me and take the two boys,” Cardi vents. “That’s why my baby ain’t never gonna stand out,” she continued. When asked by her publicist to elaborate on what she meant, she went on to say, “Not even on his own,” said Cardi. “It’s just like, I know how he wants to be.”

Cardi B is apparently very secure in her bond with her fiancé to not only bear his seed but throw concern towards his celebrity status which is in sync with her profound stardom. Despite accidentally revealing the coming of her baby girl, the hip-hop diva is not budging about it, so far. Especially since her rumored beef with fellow female hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj was laid to rest that same night. Congratulations to the superstar Bronx native!