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Michael “CrestIsMuzik” is one of five siblings born into a musically talented family from the Windy City of Chicago. Growing up, he always looked up to his older brothers and their ability to lay down flows and write catchy lyrics. One of his brothers gave him the stage name CrestIsMuzik because his natural talent as a rapper was “fresh.” And from that day forward CrestIsMusik has been making waves throughout the industry.

Most of the new singles showcase his exploration of his Jamaican roots (his mother is Jamaican),and nod to the single that helped him evolve from straight hip-hop and R&B into a more Reggae vibe – “Start a New Wave.” It was the first song that put him on the map in a lot of clubs and dance halls along the West Coast, and it was the first song that opened his eyes to the true power he has as a musician.

Two other singles are also on the docket for this summer. “Control The Lights” is a song about controlling your own destiny, while “Drugs” is a song about how women can be the equivalent of an addictive drug for some men.