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Jada Pinkett Smith dropped a new Facebook series yesterday and titled it Red Table Talk. Amongst the conversation of her new show, she mentioned the alleged feud between her and Gabrielle Union is nonexistent and has been squashed for quite some time now. Union agrees and sat down with the Today Show to explain how it all went down.

Hoda Kotb sat down with Union to talk about the buzz around her latest movie, Breaking In. In the midst of the interview, Kotb brought up the beef to which the actress smiled and cut the commentary short with her response, explaining that the two never really knew each other to exchange hostile words but it was more along the lines of “he said, she said” and it continued on for 17 years, she said.

“Back in the day, neither one of us knows what originally took place back then, but the people that we had around us were like, ‘Well, you know how she feels about you.’ We had too much pride and too much insecurity to say, ‘Hey, did that ever actually happen or was that a creation of someone else who did not want to see two women rise together?”