Known for her digital prowess in the entertainment industry, Karen Civil has assisted in elevating top-tier brands and artists. From Lil Wayne and Beats by Dre, to even doing dealings with presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, Civil’s professional experiences have garnered her more than a handful of tips — knowledge that she plans on using to help the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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In her new Complex series Good Looking Out, Karen has teamed up with industry leaders in fashion, tech, music and more to identify rising talent in those particular industries, ultimately giving them the guidance to take their ideas to the next level.

For the first episode of Good Looking Out, Gary Vaynerchuk and Ryan Leslie joined her as special guests to take a pitch from two creative entrepreneurs who are launching a platform that helps students manage their college debt.


For future episodes, viewers can look forward to guest appearances from co-founder of 300 Entertainment, Kevin Liles, Emmy Award-winning TV Host, Kela Walker, Fashion and Beauty Editor at In-Style Magazine, Kahlana Barfield and more.

You can watch the first episode of Good Looking Out below: