Offset and his fiancé Cardi B had a wild night after the Met Gala.

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First Cardi’s security guards had to slug an overzealous fan, now Page Six reports that the Migos rapper is missing his $150,000 chain.

The couple checked out of their Lower East Side room without the pricey jewelry. Sources say they left the door to their Hotel Sixty LES penthouse open, even when they weren’t in there.


“They had left the door open so people could come in and out of the room,” one cop source said. “The door was left open even when they weren’t in the room.”

Offset didn’t even realize the chain was missing until he arrived back home in Atlanta. The last time he saw it was in a jewelry bag in his hotel room. He called his manager, Danny Zook, who was still at the hotel and said he couldn’t find the jewelry bag.

Zook then called the cops. This story is still developing. Stay tuned to the Bible of Hip Hop for updates.