She never expected “Dip Dip freestyle,” a diss track she made as a joke, to go viral and inspire her to write a whole mixtape. Now, As the rise of female emcees have gained more spotlight in today’s music scene, Bali Baby continues to stay on her grind as being someone who not only remains fluid in her wardrobe choices, but in her music which ranges from hard beats to trippy melodies. After several successful mixtapes and filming her YouTube series, “Ganging with Gang”, Bali is currently on her PlayGirl world wide tour and promoting the release of her latest most experimental project, “Baylor Swift.”

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The artist has always been known to adopt alter ego’s and derive personas by popular names in the industry. “Baylor Swift” is her eight-track debut album that puts Bali at the top of the scale when it comes to showing how much of an actual rock star she is.  Bali has said this album “Tells the tale of a broken hearted girl who put her all into the mic.” Once you listen to the tracks, “Electrical” and “Tough”, it proves to be just that.

We sat down with the Atlanta-born rapper on Source TV to discuss her views on the #MeToo movement, petty beef, and how to navigate the music industry as a successful independent female artist.