Kobe Bryant continues to cement his footprint in the NBA soil, without even suiting up in a jersey.

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First, our former Lakers legend became the first athlete to win an Academy Award back in February. Now the five-time NBA Champion has taken his storytelling talents to ESPN +,  a new subscription-based streaming platform that you can purchase for $4.99. Thankfully, you can take advantage of the seven-day free trial.



The show, which Bryant named Detail, is structured around his opinions as he dissects the performances of specific NBA players. The pilot episode takes the viewer through one of the Mamba’s classic Playoff performances: the 2009 Western Conference Finals Game 6, where he picks apart the Denver Nuggets. If you remember, this win lead him to the NBA Finals and a 4th Championship.

As one of the NBA’s greatest players, and an unanimous future first ballot Hall of Famer, Kobe was notorious for his ability to  both study the game and self-critique. The two-time Finals MVP has a keen eye for specifics to the game, and the proper execution for them as well. This skill helped him to become a five-time Champion.

With Detail, Kobe is sharing the wealth by passing down his knowledge to the young, up-and-coming stars of the NBA’s new generation, while simultaneously reinventing how the league analyzes film. Not to mention, he is providing an extra hand in the scouting report for many teams. Each episode will follow the game tape of a player’s performance in one game. The analyses provides a better understanding into that player’s game, but also Bryant’s method of thinking and reasoning. Many NBA teams and players are also allowed to compare and contrast.

“Determination wins game, but detail wins championships,” Bryant says before casually walking off the stage, in the show’s opening monologue.

In its first season, many are excited to see how far Bryant will take the analyses. As one of basketball’s greatest minds, it will be interesting to see if he extends Detail to the NCAA and even high school. Players will be ecstatic to have the Black Mamba provide in-depth examination on their game.

You can catch the Kobe Bryant’s Detail on ESPN +.

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